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The Importance Of Good Ground Work In Construction

13 September 2017

Building any structure is about more than the above ground building that you can see. Much of the most important work in construction happens at either ground level, and below ground. Hiring builders in Surrey that understand this is essential to the success of your building project.

To ensure that you make the right choice when it comes to the builders Surrey based that you hire for your project, it is helpful to understand more about groundworks, what they involve, and why they are so important. Groundworks comprises of numerous factors related to construction, and are focused primarily on creating a sturdy base for any new construction. Every above ground element of the building relies on the foundation, and if it has not been completed effectively, then the building risks damage, or at worse complete collapse. Among the things that need to be considered when discussing groundworks is attention to detail. Professional builders in Surrey with experience in groundworks understand the depth of foundations required to provide for sturdy construction. They know exactly the weight and strain that will be encountered by the building, and can assess exactly what work is required. Effective groundworks are also essential for creating the layout of the building and ensuring proper drainage is included. Before the groundworks can even be started, experienced builders will gather as much information as required to ensure that everything is precise. This information comes from a range of sources including architect’s plans and ground surveys.

Once all this information is gathered, the actual groundworks can begin. This involves many different processes including excavating the site, constructing footings, adding a drainage system and laying concrete surfaces. Driveways, flagging, underpinning and piling may also take place at this stage of construction. The exact work required depends on the size and type of building, as well as the type and stability of ground that the building is being placed on. When searching for builders to undertake your groundworks, it is essential to hire experienced, qualified and certified teams. Look for a company that can provide all the services you need, this ensures continuity of your build, from the planning stage through to completion. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, see certificates and professional memberships; once you have this information it is vital to follow it up. Professional groundworks contractors Surrey based should welcome your attention to such details. Good communication is also essential in your groundworks team. If there is miscommunication between you and the team, or within the team, then there is greater chance of mistakes being made.

When looking for builders in Surrey to undertake your groundworks, it is often beneficial to focus your search on local companies. Not only is this often cheaper as there is less travel time to consider, but it also means the groundworks team will have good knowledge of the local soil and substrata. They are less likely to be surprised by the finding of surveys and will therefore be better prepared for the work ahead.