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Questions To Ask Your Perspective Builders

29 August 2017

Tight budgets and uncertain times in the world of work are leading more and more people to consider adding value to the home they already have, rather than moving to a new property. No matter how well planned any building work is though, it is still stressful, and can be made even more so if you choose the wrong builders Surrey or beyond.

The key to avoiding this additional stress is asking the right questions before you sign a contract with your potential builders in Surrey. The first and most important of these questions is, are you a licenced building company? It is important that you only contract a licenced firm, and that everyone that they hire, sub-contract to, or recommend is similarly licenced. Unlicensed trades people may be cheaper upfront, but they will cost much more in the long term, including in terms of your health and safety, as well as your finances. All credentials for builders Guildford based and trades persons UK wide can be checked online. Once you have checked credentials, it is time to ask about insurance. One insurance that builders Surrey and beyond must hold is public liability, check what else is required to ensure that workers, visitors and your family are covered while the building work is under way. While you are interested in what the company can do for you, it is also a good idea to ask about previous work, and particularly about any previous disputes. You want a company that is focused and not worried about potential court dates or dispute resolutions related to previous work. Such questions also give you a good idea about the level of professionalism of the company you are considering.

When you are considering a large building project for your home, it is not just your finances that you need to consider. You should also consider the financial stability of the home builders Surrey based, and with that in mind ask whether they have ever been declared bankrupt. There are many reasons why this might happen, but a financial dubious past may indicate that the company are not good with their finances and this increases the risk to you of a half-finished project. Other questions that you might want to ask include those related to the company’s location. Are they based in the same area as where you live? What is their daily travel time likely to be? Long travel distances could affect both your completion date and potentially the quality of the building work. Depending on the size of the builders in Guildford, they may have several projects running at the same time. This means that the person you are dealing with in setting up the project, may not be the person supervising the build on a daily basis. Find out who this person is and what their track record is in terms of completion, quality, customer interaction and work relations with colleagues, contracts and staff. All of this has the potential to affect the quality of your finished project.

As well as asking direct questions, don’t forget to do some digging and a little research of your own. Look at previous projects, search for reviews of the company and follow up on anything you are unsure of. The builders Surrey based that you choose must be right for your project and your budget if you are going to get a quality finish.