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Builders In Guildford – Do You Need To Make A Building Regulations Application?

Builders in Guildford: when it comes to planning a construction project there is no detail that can be missed, and this is why you should choose your team with care. One of the most important aspects is to make sure you do not fall foul of Building Regulations. If you don’t get the necessary permissions for your build, serious problems can occur.

Your builders Guildford are usually responsible for ensuring that the need for a Building Regulations application is taken into account before any construction work is started. However, it is you as the landowner who may be held ultimately accountable if permission isn’t granted in the correct way. This can result in expensive remedial work, or even in the worst case scenario, demolition of the structure that has been erected. It is therefore in your best interests to look for a firm of builders Surrey based with a good reputation and past experience of projects like your own. So when is it necessary to make an application under the Building Regulations? In general terms, you will need to ensure this is done if you are extending a building, altering its use, or erecting a whole new structure. But what will your local planning department be looking for? The purpose of the regulations is to ensure that new and existing buildings remain safe for future occupants. This can cover everything from structural matters such as supporting walls to fire safety standards and adequate soundproofing. It’s always worth checking with the relevant authorities, even if you do not think permission will be required.

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