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Cranleigh Builders – Why A Good Safety Record Is Important

Cranleigh builders work on a huge range of projects, large and small. But one important consideration, no matter what the size or nature of the project in hand, is health and safety. Not only should you choose a firm that has all the necessary qualifications, you should also look for one that places prime importance on safety.

It cannot be overstated that construction work is one of the most dangerous occupations to be involved in. The risks are numerous and can result from minor injuries to long term illnesses or even in the worst cases, death. It is therefore essential that when it comes to any type of construction work, risk management is carried out. Generally the development of buildings happens in several phases, and uncertainty and hazard is involved in every phase. The builders Guildford based you choose should be aware of this and have procedures in place to identify and manage risks. When it comes to such hazards in the project environment, they not only have the potential to cause harm to individuals. They can also put the entire project at risk, whether that’s by causing delays or even halting work completely; or even resulting in major financial loss to the building firm and the client. So, it is necessary that when employing a professional builders Surrey based, you ask what measures they have in place to manage health and safety while on site and what their safety record on previous jobs has been. A quick search of the local press and media on the internet will throw up any possible issues you can take into account when making your decision.

If health and safety, alongside risk management, is an important factor to take into account when planning your construction development, then contact us at KHL Construction Ltd. We place high importance on safe working conditions for our Cranleigh builders and anyone else who comes into contact with our sites. To find out more about us, visit our website at