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Surrey Builders – Keep Your Neighbours Onside During Construction

Surrey builders are not necessarily popular with everyone! You will know yourself if you have ever lived next door to a building site how noisy and disruptive it can be. However, all it takes is a little forethought and proper research to find the right firm of builders. This way, most of the potential objections can be dealt with before they even arise. Here are some suggestions.

When you are thinking about the end result of your project, it’s important that you consider the look and feel of the finished extension or new build. These should be communicated to your builders in Surrey before they start work. For example, if you are having an extension designed, aim to match its look to the most prominent features of the existing building. Ways to achieve this include using the same or similar materials to give the impression of continuity. So you may plan to have the roof tiled in a similar way, use the same brick and/ or the same style of windows, for instance. It’s important to inform your neighbours that the work will be taking place. Show them the plans and take into account any misgivings they may raise. This does not mean you have to give in and change your plans entirely, but explaining where you are coming from may allay their fears. Another good suggestion is to employ a firm of builders Surrey based with a good reputation. These are more likely to be considerate when it comes to noise and mess; and will also be able to give assurances on the safety and security of the site if there are children around, for example.

As responsible and reliable Surrey builders, we at KHL Construction Ltd have been working in the local area for many years. We can help ensure your design and build runs smoothly in every respect. Visit our website today at or call and have a chat with us about any forthcoming project on 01483 277560.