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Surrey Building Services - Do The Building Regulations Apply To My Project?

Surrey building services, in most cases, will be prepared to give you expert advice on planning permission and building regulations when extending any type of building. Compliance with the Building Regulations in particular is one of the most critical aspects to any development project as, without it, the whole future of the building and your money is in jeopardy.

Here are a few details to inform you of what might be necessary. It is important first of all to note that planning permission is entirely separate from building regulations approval, and the two should not be confused. Most proposed extensions should nevertheless be submitted for approval in both of these areas before any development and construction work takes place. The Building Regulations are there to ensure that health and safety rules are complied with by all builders in Surrey and elsewhere. If the building is going to be used by the public, there must be certain facilities available for people with disabilities to access it; environmental standards and fire safety measures must be met, and so on. The only type of projects that are not usually subject to regulation are detached garages built at ground level, and porches and conservatories that takes up less than 30m2 of floor space. This applies to both building and construction work throughout England and Wales. Building Regulations can be a complicated area to understand, so this is exactly why having reputable builders Surrey based on board is a good idea. They will ensure that your extension meets all of the building regulations that apply to your project.

You will save yourself time and money in the long run by not trying to do everything yourself, and letting professional Surrey building services do the job for you. Get in touch with us at KHL Construction Ltd, and we’ll handle every aspect of the planning process for you. Visit our website at for details of the services we provide.